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Auto Clutch Release Bearing Assembly for Sale

Auto Clutch Release Bearing Assembly for Sale

Xiamen Goldenbridge Imp. & Exp. Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China clutch release bearing manufacturers, and is also a professional clutch release bearing supplier and factory, we are always at your service. Auto clutch release bearings The clutch release bearing or throw out bearing depresses...

Product Details

Auto clutch release bearings

The clutch release bearing or throw out bearing depresses the pressure plate fingers releasing the clutch. It contains a bearing that spins along with the spinning pressure plate when the clutch pedal is depressed. If this bearing is worn, a squeeling or growling noise will be heard when the clutch is depressed. A standard release bearing is seperated from the pressure plate. It's adjustable and should not contact the spinning pressure plate. A constant running release bearing snaps into the pressure plate fingers and spins whenever the pressue plate is spinning. If this type of bearing is faulty it will make a growling noise whenever the pressure plate is spinning .

A general view of clutch release bearing

clutch release bearing pictures show:

We can offer clutch release bearing use for :

GB Bearings specialize in manufacturing automotive clutch release bearings . Those clutch release bearings are capable for application on various cars, mini bus, trucks^ such as VW, Passat, Audi, GM, Ford, Opel, Renault, Chrysler, Paykan, Peugeot, Citroen, FIAT, Benz, Iveco, Hyundai, Deawoo, KIA, Toyota,Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi motors .


OE: 44TKB2805, 68TKB3506AP 31230-36150, FCR54-15/2E, 31230-35070, 31230-35090, RCT356, SA9 31230-35090, 40TRBC07-27SB 90363-40022, RCT282SA 70144, CBU442822, 90363-40010, 052TRBC09-7 90363-52001 90363-52086, 50SCRN31P-1 31230-12140, 44TKZ 2801BR, 68SCRN46P-2 31230-36160, 31230-60120

Other clutch release bearing Catalogue :

OE: 54TKA3501 4N35 5-31314001-0, 48TKA3214 8-94101243-0, RCT45-4S, 45TMK804, 24TK308B2U3, 48RCT3301, TK45-4 90363-45002, 78TKL4001 
OE: FCR50-10-1/2E E301-16-510, FCR50-17-8/2E, FCR54-46-2/2E H606-16-510, E84-16-510, RCT331SA1 E301-16-510, FCR54-50-1/2E, OK2A1-16-510, B315-16-510 
OE: RCT371SA2 ME602710, FCR55-1/2E MD703270, FCR55-17-11/2E MD719469, 48TKA3210 MD702570, 58TKA3703B ME605584, 65TMK20, 60TMK20, CT70B, CBDSS 3227 MRI95689, 48TKA3201, ME706180 
OE: 40TRK-1 RCT4075-1S 30502-21000, 62TKA3309, FCR62-32--14/2E, FCR62-24 

OE: 23265-77500, CT38-1L1, RCTS338SAI, 47RCT3001, FCR50-30-2 50TKE3301 
OE: 113 141 16513 F-203222.5, F-201769 
OE: 445 237 BE 1#90250658, SNRVALEO BB 12620 S15 &, 50TKA3805 90251210, 96564141 
OE: SASIC-France, 445329AC VKC2216, 2041.67, 2041.23, VKC-2051, VKC 2240,
VKC 2080
Model No.: VKC 2191, VKC2115, GC3P-11-53, 4540357 
Our products are compatible for:
Hyundai: OE: 41421-36000, 41421-39000, 3400-B-02, 41421-28000, 41421-43030, LU03-0036, 8-97209-197-0, FCR54-48-2/2E 
Audi: F208841.2 

Opel: C048, C049, C050 


Xiamen Golden Bridge is one of the leading China auto clutch release bearing assembly for sale manufacturers, and is also a professional supplier and factory, we are always at your service.

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