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China Best Full Complement Sealed Cylindrical Roller Bearings Suppliers

China Best Full Complement Sealed Cylindrical Roller Bearings Suppliers

Xiamen Goldenbridge Imp. & Exp. Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China cylindrical bearings manufacturers, and is also a professional cylindrical bearings supplier and factory, we are always at your service. Cylindrical roller bearings Cylindrical roller bearings are produced in many designs, ISO...

Product Details

Cylindrical roller bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings are produced in many designs, ISO dimension series and sizes. These bearings, cylindrical roller bearing, full complement cylindrical roller bearing, four row cylindrical roller bearing, large cylindrical roller bearing, single-row cylindrical roller bearing, double-row cylindrical roller bearing, four-row cylindrical roller bearing, multi-row cylindrical roller bearing are an excellent choice for applications where there are particularly heavy radial loads combined with high speeds.

*High radial load carry capacity
 *High speed capability
 *Accommodate axial displacement
 *Separable design
 *Cylindrical roller bearings

Bearing Nos.

Dimension Range


Bore diameter 150mm~1000mm


Bore diameter 150mm~1000mm


Bore diameter 150mm~1000mm


Bore diameter 150mm~1000mm


Bore diameter 150mm~1000mm


Bore diameter 150mm~1000mm


Bore diameter 150mm~1000mm


Bore diameter 150mm~1000mm


Bore diameter 150mm~1000mm


Cylindrical roller bearings number

NJ204E NJ316E NUP310E NU1015E NJ2211E NJ2309E

NUP204E NU2314E NUP310ENV NU1016E NF2211E NJ2309EM

NJ204E NU2314E N310E NUP314E NUP2211EN NUP2309EN

NJ205 NJ2315E NJ311E NJ308EV NJ2212E NJ2310E

NU205 NJ2315E N311E NJ2207E NJ2213E NJ412E

NU205E NJ2316E NUP311ENV NJ2207E NJ214E NJ412EM

NJ205E NF210E NUP311EN NU2207E NUP214E NJ2214E

NJ205E NJ210E NUP311E NJ315E NF214E NJ405E

NF205V NUP210EN NJ312E NU315E NJ215E NJ405EM

NJ2205EV NUP211EN RN312 NUP315EN NJ216E NJ2316EM

NJ2205E NJ209E 532312E NUP315EN RNU305E NUP307ENM

NUP2205E NJ209E NUP312ENV NJ307EV NJ305 NF308E

NUP2205E N210 N312E N314E NJ305E NJ308E

NJ206 N210E NJ312E NJ314E NJ305E NJ308EK

NJ206E NJ210E NU312E NJ314E NUP305ENV NUP308E

NU206E NF209E NF312E NJ2208E NJ306E NJ307EV/C4

NJ206E NJ209 NUP313ENV NJ2208E N306E RN307EM

NCL206V NF209 NJ313E N309E NUP306EN RN307M

NJ207 NU209E N313E NJ406E NJ306E NF307E

NU207 NJ309E NJ313E NJ406E NU306X2V/C3 N308E

NF207 NJ309EV NUP314ENV NJ407E N307E NUP307ENV

NJ207E NUP309E NU314E NU407E NJ307E NJ307EM

NF207E NUP309ENV NJ211E NJ408E NJ307 NUP307EV

NU207E NUP309EN NF211E NJ408E NUP308ENV NJ2305EV/C3

NJ207E NF309E/C3 NJ212E NUP212EN NUP308EN RN2306

NJ208 RN309 NU212E NUP212E 2907 NUP2209EN

N208E NJ310E NJ2209E NUP213EN 2402.80-090 NJ2209EM

NU208E NUP310EN NUP2207EVX NJ213E NJ2307E RN607/YA

NJ208E NJ2305E NUP2208EN NJ213E NUP2307EN NJ222E

NJ208E NCL2305V RN2306 NJ2210E NJ2308E NUP2306EN

NF208E NU2305E NJ2306E NU2210E NUP2308EN NJ2214EM

NUP1018 NU1028 NF1952 NU2888E NJ18/630E NJ1019M

N220 NF1936 NJ2972E NU689M/C9 N1934 NU1876M

NF1021 N650E N28/710E N1892 NF28/530 NU1880M

NU18/600E NJ2220 N1022 NU1896 NJ18/560 NA4926/C9

NU2938Q1 NFP10/290K NU1024 NJ18/670 NJ2868 NJ2932M

N040 NJ2860 NU1884 NU6/700   NU1948M

NU2944Q1 NU1864 NU18/750      

Xiamen Golden Bridge is one of the leading China china best full complement sealed cylindrical roller bearings suppliers manufacturers, and is also a professional supplier and factory, we are always at your service.

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